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Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Could you imagine a world without colors?

For decades people have used colors, consciously and unconsciously, in nature, for decoration, healing, entertainment, to categorise etc. Each color has their own capacity such as wavelength, vibration and temperature.

We have colors around us all the time; in nature, in food, in clothes, the color of eyes and hair, indoor decorations and in our dreams.

How about if we could use this magical palette of colors to acknowledge, accept and regulate our own emotions: THIS is the focus of WRAPPED IN COLORS.

We want to invite children - and adults - to open the door to The Power of Colors for enhanced Social and Emotional Learning; each person in their own choice of colors.

Color Posseses

You might ask; how can you use colors for regulating EMOTIONS?

Well, imagine strengthening your child´s inner world and intuition by connecting their EMOTIONS to COLORS! This self-knowledge can be used for wellbeing when being able to accept and regulate both comfortable and the less comfortable emotions. All colors comes in different shades and they all have both comfortable and uncomfortable characteristics within them.

Each of our Meditation Story Kits is meant as an introduction to a certain COLOR together with suggested emotions and characteristics related to that specific color. Once you have enjoyed diving into many different colors through our meditation stories and activities, the child might have established a clear and personal relation to each color together with an extended connection with their INTUITION.

Now this personal knowledge can be used for easy accessible regulation in any situation, just by connecting to the needed COLORS through visualising or breathing, eating or drinking the color, wear clothes in that color, go to the color in nature, homedecoration etc.

We invite you to dive into COLOR-FULNESS with us!

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