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Wrapped in colors and the Department of Creativity and Educational Innovation at the University of Valencia, Spain has been approved and funded by the EU with the ERASMUS+ Small Scale Project: "Colors of Life Journal"  which will run in several schools in Denmark and Spain from September 2022 to June 2023.

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Colors of Life Journal

The journal is based on supporting children to thrive in their inner world with guided tasks and tips about body and mind, movement, creative activities and inspiration to work with EMOTIONS and COLORS. The meditation stories for children are guided visualizations based on colors that invite you to awareness and acceptance of emotions and by connecting them to colors, could lead to regulation of our different emotions.


Why journaling?

Writing a journal requires concentration, focus and can help the child to remain present in the moment while maintaining perspective. Journaling allows for emotional development and can be a tool to regulate emotions.

Journaling can bring a greater sense of confidence and self-identity. It can benefit general emotional health and affect the mood positively, as inner needs, wishes and feelings can be more easily expressed and set free when they are written down without anyone other than yourself, and perhaps the adults around you, reading it.


Emotional Intelligence

On a daily basis, we come across challenges in our interactions with other people, where situations can trigger different emotions which can be difficult to regulate. Knowledge of how emotions could be regulated, can enable children to achieve balance and be resilient within themselves and towards other children. This, at the same time supports the learning process and general development in a class or group.

Our material can help children accept and balance both comfortable and uncomfortable emotions. Our material can be used to teach children that emotions are not static but constantly changing and that we are not our emotions. Emotions can teach us so much about ourselves, and therefore, they are of such great value.

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