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Beautiful Colorful book filled with Meditationstories, Activities, Movements, Food Recipies and Nature ALL based on COLORS


This book is made with our LOVE for colors and is meant to guide children, teens and adults through different colors as inspiration to use COLORS to connecto with EMOTIONS for awareness, acknowldegement and regulation of emotions.


The Book is divided in 8 Meditationstories:

The first story: "Colors of Life" takes you  on a journey through the 7 colors of the Rainbow.

The following 7 stories are each based on one of the 7 colors together with different emotion-based activites. 


Index of this book:


Page 3: Presentation of The 4 Elements

Page 4: Colors!

Page 5: The wrapped in COlors Tree

Page 6: Reading Guide for the Meditation Stories


Page 29-40: RED

Page 41-53: ORANGE

Page 54-65: YELLOW

Page 66-77: GREEN

Page 78-92: BLUE

Page 93-105: INDIGO

Page 106-116: PURPLE

Page 117: Notes



Meditation Story Kit for Children, Colors of Life, paperbag, 117 pages.

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