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For decades people have used colors, consciously and unconsciously, in nature, for decoration, healing, entertainment, to categorise etc. Each color has their own capacity such as wavelength, vibration and temperature.


We have colors around us all the time; in nature, in food, in clothes, the color of eyes and hair, indoor decorations and in our dreams.


How about if we could use this magical palette of colors to RELEASE unwanted emotions, self-regulate and REPLACE with wanted emotions?


This is the focus of WRAPPED IN COLORS.


This Meditationstory Kit will invite you to connect with 7 colors, guide you through a story with the colors and inspire you to connect emotions and feeling to these colors leading you to be able to regulation your emotions using colors.


Content of this document for you to dive into COLORS and EMOTIONS together with children:


Page 3: Presentation of The 4 Elements

Page 4:The power of Colors!


Page 6-17:The Meditation Story with focus on the 7 Colors of Life.

Page 7: The Heart of the Story

Page 8: The 7 Colors of Life

Page 9: Focus and Reading Guide

Page 10-17: The Story

Page 18-23: Activities based on the COLORS in the Story.

Page 19: Affirmations

Page 20: Colors of Life Rhyme

Page 21:7 yoga poses

Page 22-24: Coloring Mandala-style Lotus flowers

Page 25-27: A recipe to integrate the COLORS in healthy and tasty food.

Page 25-27: Colorful Mexicanstyle Chili Soup

Meditationstory Kit; Colors of Life, English DOWNLOAD

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